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Average household credit card debt:  $15,263

Average credit card interest rate:  14.95%

Average outstanding student loan balance:  $31,646

Average auto loan debt:  $30,738

Percentage of Americans with at least $500 in a savings account:  59%




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Financial Fitness: Principle 6

"Pay 10% of your income to tithing. Give even if you are really broke.  Giving puts you in a mindset of abundance and puts any financial worries in their proper perspective, so it should not be limited to just tithing.  The Bible categorizes giving as: 1) tithes and...
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Financial Fitness: Principle 5

"Consistently budget and save for unexpected expenses."
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Financial Fitness: Principle 2

"Money is a gift.  It has a specific use.  This means that you have a stewardship.  You are to use your money for something that matters, for your family and beyond."
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Financial Fitness: Principle 3

"Live within your means.  Always.  No exceptions.  Period.  Follow a good budget.  Give each spouse a small allowance so you have a little discretionary money each month, and don't nitpick each other on the little things."
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Financial Fitness: Principle 4

"Stop getting financial advice from broke people; get it only from those whose finances you want to emulate."
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Financial Fitness: Principle 1

"It's not what you make but what you keep that determines financial success.  Pay yourself first and save what you pay yourself."
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Financial Fitness: Principle 7

"Using your time, money, and talents to genuinely help others naturally increases your happiness.  Seeking money for money's sake may or may not influence your happiness, but seeking money in order to fulfill your stewardship and serve and bless others automatically...
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What would life be like without the strain of debt and recurring interest?


Learn and apply the 47 Financial Principles and escape


“What I like about the Financial Fitness Pack is the all of the information is highly relevant and actionable. There is certainly no fluff or filler in the material. I also like that it covers not only how to save money and reduce debt but also effective strategies for increasing income. I highly recommend this material for anyone who seriously wants to improve his or her overall financial position.”

Financial Fitness Graduate:  December, 2016

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